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Anyone worry that Nicks...

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    As far as money it was posted a month or so ago that they might have in the neighborhood of $60 million next year so signing guys like Nicks, JPP, and Joseph won't be a problem. When healthy he is a force and makes the offense much better. He puts up numbers with the tour WR's too. Is he worth top 5 money? Don't know, he does get dinged up a lot and he is still playing a rookie contract.


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      Originally posted by CowboysSuck View Post
      Then why didnt we "ride the hot hand" of Wilson last year?

      In his extremely limited role he managed 5TD's, 5.0 yards per rush, and amassed 400yards. Not even counting his impressive KR stats... The guy was explosive. Yet Bradshaw still got all the carries. why?
      Because TC didn't feel he was ready. He was still learning. It certainly wasn't because they were worried about his next contract being to high. That is for damn sure. What you are suggesting just doesn't happen..

      Maybe if they would've let Carr split snaps with Eli a few years who, we wouldn't be in such cap hell right now! Lmao!
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        Massive posts with massive quotes. Must be an Eli thread. WAIT


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          Originally posted by Drez View Post
          The only Giants fans that think that Nicks is overrated are Cruz fanboys.
          What's wrong with being a Cruz fanboy?
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