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Defending Tom Coughlin

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  • Defending Tom Coughlin

    Ok, I have hated the second half collapses. But, Given the idea that TC has overcome the STUNNING amount of injuries to this team, and put us in playoff contention this year, how could you not give him credit? Even if we miss the playoffs, look at our roster. Obviously, I have issues with PF and KG, but imagine a Coughlin/Spags combination next year..... I honestly don't have a clue who should take over our offensive play calling, but anyone other than KG would be an upgrade.
    But, I digress, TC has not only earned the chance to keep his his job, but has taken a team expected to do nothing AND fraught with injuries to a playoff berth. We beat the Cowboys and we're in the playoffs.....I think it's it's time for a regime change, but I cannot deny what TC has done.Maybe he has earned another year. What do you think?

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    Re: Defending Tom Coughlin


    hes a drama queen

    and has never picked a good coordinator

    Spags was engineered by Reese


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      Re: Defending Tom Coughlin

      I pretty much think along the same lines. I think that TC is a wonderful coach, but the idea of potentially getting one of the huge names as a Giants coach also appeal to me. It definitely has me torn, but in the end, TC has been a great leader for this team for a very long time, and he has brought a level of consistency and respect that we had not seen since the Parcells days.

      As far as KG goes, my main concern is the way that he does not protect Eli from having to get into situations where he has to throw those crazy interceptions. It drives me crazy that Eli has to always make this crazy hero-plays to make the offense work, instead of working on a consistent short passing scheme which reduces the risk for mistakes and increases the overall efficiency of the whole offense.

      Perhaps it is due to KG where TC could see himself out if the team does not make the playoffs. Then again, it is great to see Eli show his quality every time he marches the team down for a late game winning drive... win or lose, you always know that Eli is the right man for the job.

      About our defensive coordinator.... I can't stand it to see our defense be so bad. I hope that today's game versus the Jets is the start to a true turn around, and that we can resolve our MLB issue soon, because for too long I have been proud of Giants' defensive play, but the last couple of years has been utter embarrassing to watch them get cut into pieces by teams like the Saints and Packers... I want the real Giants defensive to be feared as they were for so long during the years.

      Anyhow, Merry Christmas, and I should really get some sleep now... sorry for the long rant.