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id rather be playing in Dallas

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  • id rather be playing in Dallas

    this team has been VERY inconsistent at home. it's nauseating how bad we have looked at home these past few seasons. I hope they dont lay an egg at home, like they have been known to do.

    I'm WAY more confident when we play on the road.

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    Re: id rather be playing in Dallas

    Same here...


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      Re: id rather be playing in Dallas

      The Giants are 5-2 in Dallas, against the Cowboys, the last few years.

      The Giants are 2-3 against the Cowboys, at the Meadowlands the last few years.

      Quite incredible.


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        Re: id rather be playing in Dallas

        there is no way we can improve upon the home record by playing on the road.
        i see your point though.
        we suck at home , and the fans are about as far away from a 12th man as you can get.

        they seem to play at home like we cheer at home.
        cautiously quiet....especially when we are behind.

        in seattle , win lose or draw.....the opposing team is not going to call an audible to adjust to the defense ; because the 12th man won't let it happen.

        if you pay attention sunday night you will hear Romo loud and clear.
        due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
        my opinions may be chemically enhanced and influenced by severe episodes of memory loss