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Better CB: Janoris Jenkins or Josh Norman

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    Originally posted by Giantterp View Post
    Wow...Lot's of homer's here. Jenkins had a great year...Norman is clearly better over their careers. If Jenkins plays like last year again, it surely will be closer.
    I swear people quickly forget what Jenkins was as a Rams player. We are just prisoners of the moment here. Hopefully last year wasn't an aberration.


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      Originally posted by CGYgiant View Post

      Yeah, same goes for Jenkins. The dude has been lit up in the past for worse than Norman ever has. Giant or not you have to call a spade a spade
      The difference is that Norman was nothing... And then he had one year... And then he got PAID and then he went back to nothing.

      Jenkins was doing his best on a bad team.. But when it was his turn to get paid.. He took his game to the next level. Now THAT'S a baller. Getting better every year. Let's see if Jenkins can keep building this season.


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        Jenkins is a legitimate top 5 corner in this league.
        Norman is a top 5 ****** bag.
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          Originally posted by Die-Hard View Post

          Yep, thats the truth. In fact, I remember the major outcry on these boards last off-season about the Giants signing Jenkins for that big contract. Its funny how easily folks choose to forget.
          That is true but there are many who also defended the signing and cited contextual issues for why Jenkins had the td allowed ratio he had. Bc the complaint was he got beat in a big play td situation too often.
          there were rebuttals to the outcry signing him like he was on a team offensively challenged and usually behind so he may have felt the need to try and gamble and make a big play or 2 in hopes of changing the game.

          There was all sorts of takes I know there were many vocally against it but there were nearly as many if not as much supporting it and waiting and seeing.


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            JJ and it's not even close. Would limit what we do on defense if we swapped him for JN