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Giants receivers must prove they can dominate before earning NFL’s top billing

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  • Giants receivers must prove they can dominate before earning NFL’s top billing

    Excerpt: "It's like Giants fans haven't learned.

    Last season's catastrophe on offense, despite teaming a healthy Victor Cruz with Odell Beckham Jr. and rookie Sterling Shepard, somehow hasn't stopped the bluest bleeders from hyping up the 2017 receiving corps as a record-breaking group before a down is played.

    The Giants' 2016 receiving corps was supposed to be unstoppable; it was not.

    The incredibly talented Beckham saved games more than once, and Shepard had a respectable rookie season. But Cruz and Shepard both struggled to get open and gain separation, Eli Manning had his fair share of poor performances, and defenses frequently stopped the Giants' passing attack playing a base Cover-2.

    And yet again, approaching 2017 with new tools added to the receiving corps, history repeats itself.

    The signing of veteran receiver Brandon Marshall (6-foot-4) and the drafting of rookie first-round pick tight end Evan Engram (6-3) has everyone frothing at the mouth. Some already have called the Giants' receiving group perhaps the best in the NFL.

    This talk is premature, though, and frankly, it arrogantly ignores the quality of other teams' receivers that are equally as potent, if not more so, with a more encouraging track record in the recent past.

    Reigning NFC champ Atlanta boasts Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu and Taylor Gabriel, not to mention the Falcons’ quarterback is reigning MVP Matt Ryan. The Green Bay Packers, as the Giants well remember, field Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams." Read more...

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Rewind one year ago

    the Giants will be unstoppable with Odell and Cruz on the field at the same time

    or not


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      I agree 100%. Lets see them all stay on the field along side an OL that can give them time to actually run routes. There were peeps here that were saying almost the exact same thing about our WRs last year.


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        I think its a better feel for this season. last year Cruz was questionable at best and the uncertainty of a rookie wideout wasn't that encouraging. but that turned out better than expected. along with ODB that was our best passing game.

        this season we added an experienced veteran in Brandon Marshall and in the 1st round drafted a rookie who could turn all this into 4200-4500 passing yards season for Eli.

        proving they are the best is more than saying it in this sport. we'll know if they were the best this time next year.


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          3 out of the 4 have a track record although Shepard only has 1 year experience but with the expected improvement as a 2nd year player. Marshall will be playing with the best QB he has ever played with in his career. OBJ has been simply great and might not get the ball as much but will be more dangerous with defenses now having to actually account for someone that can beat you. And if Engram even comes close to the hype he'll be magnificent.

          So yes it's projected but so is everyone else. It's like betting on a race horse we all look at the info available and make our choice. Most of us lose but sometimes you win. It looks as though we have a lot of talent so we make a projection. But the other top group of receivers from teams are no better than ours. Were in the conversation. As always the O line must give Eli time. If that works the odds are were very successful. It is possible were the very best.


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            Giants' fans were hoping for Cruz, but after missing 2 years he was far from being a sure thing and it turned out he wasn't even close. The experts are predicting our greatness. I think us fans are just hoping for what the possibilities could be, but Eli having 2 - 6' 4" targets sure gets me excited.