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    Originally posted by jimmie ray View Post

    I've questioned how soccer players don't get brain trauma from heading the ball, for many years. Some guys I've worked with were from countries where "football" is very popular, and told me they are trained to use their head in a way that is not damaging to the brain. I still don't buy it - the brain still takes a sudden hit and sloshes around. I just think these countries (like Russia, South America) don't offer the same level of medical care or human concerns as we do, here.
    There are concerns about this issue in soccer. It's not as widespread an issue as in American Football because of the different nature of the blows to the head but it's potentially a huge issue and there's certainly pressure now to eliminate heading the ball in youth football.

    About 15 years ago a very famous English footballer called Jeff Astle died from dementia which the coroner ruled was caused by heading footballs. The balls were much heavier back in the 1970s when Astle was playing than they are now but there's definitely research being done into the damage even modern balls cause when being headed 100 times a week.

    Isn't it a technique issue to a degree in American Football too? I remember reading Osi Umenyiora say he'd never got a concussion because he knew how to tackle properly.

    Shame about Johnson as I had high hopes. I don't think he was making the 53 anyway.