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High expectations this year

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    The year will hinge on if the OL improves from last year. IF the OL is at least average, our run game can get moving, and the defense can get more rest.
    The Problem is the Oline, PERIOD


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      14 - 2 ? WOW, I hope you're right Most of us moan about the OL issues but one thing people seem to overlook is that we don't know which Eli will show up. I luv the guy, QB'd 2 superbowls for us but he's up and down to begin with and at his age he just may be done. I hope I'm wrong ....


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        This is the best team on paper that I've seen in all my years as a Giants fan. Hopefully it translates to the field.


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          Eli will go as the Oline goes


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            Originally posted by Die-Hard View Post

            I hear you, I used to get nuts over the games too. I always want them to win, I just dont expect them to win. If the passing years have taught me just one thing, that one thing would be perspective. Its just a game, and screaming and yelling wont change a thing.

            I get that its not for everyone to see it that way, but thats how I see it.
            No doubt. But the passion for the game as a fan still makes me get pretty annoyed at times. Especially in an upcoming season as this where expectations are high in general. But I do let go of the bad feeling due to a loss quickly now. I see my nephew as I used to be. All pissed off and even throwing stuff when he gets real
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              Originally posted by iBleedBlue369 View Post
              Whats up Giants fans, I have been a fan of the Giants for 24 years, I'm only 33 but I have gone through ups and downs over the years. I have been keeping a close eye on this years squad and I know I'm going to sound like a homer for this but this might be the most talented team I have ever seen in Giants uniform, on the defensive and offensive side of the ball,maybe not defensive but on offense. I feel like we are the most balanced team and most talented team in our division and I feel we should win our division. I think we are capable of having a top 10 offense and a top 10 defense. If the Giants can achieve those rankings, I feel that we could be super bowl bound, not to sound like a Cowboys fan but I feel our team really has what it takes if we remain healthy. Thanks for reading, follow me on Twitter @NYGManJoe and my YouTube channel NYG Joe
              Agree 95%

              Defense should be #1 though (baring Injury)
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                Originally posted by PennState1 View Post
                Eli will go as the Oline goes

                as fast as Eli gets the ball out it helps the o-line or at least makes them look better. maybe Eli will scramble around some to create more time.


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                  Originally posted by gumby74 View Post
                  I love optimists. Balances me out.
                  Can't help but be optimistic about this team, they are healthy as of right now , offense should be dominate, defense should be dominate , recipe for success.