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Time to seriously look at the center position

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    Originally posted by Die-Hard View Post

    I'm not gonna lie, I got excited seeing Geno easily complete a few swing passes and screens that Eli almost always struggles to complete LOL
    I was telling my son that last week, Simms and Eli simply cannot/could not execute a simple swing pass without's behind him, it is too hard it is at his feet etc. I love both Simms and Eli but the swing pass? Not so good........
    No one remembers who came in second.


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      The only hope is someone flopping to us as a second chance after an incogneto like situation.
      Just remember Kevin Love makes more money then OBJ, and OBJ also dunks better.


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        Originally posted by appodictic View Post
        The only hope is someone flopping to us as a second chance after an incogneto like situation.
        I really thought this line would man up and try harder. They play as if they simply don't give a damn, but they talk a good game. Some think Pugh is a priority signing, but I say, hell no. This is one of the worst lines in all of football outside of Seattle.


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          Originally posted by I Bleed Blue View Post
          Flowers, believe it or not, looked better than some of the other starters last night, However, he's still a work in progress. When will the same Flower's critics be equally as critical of our weak and overpowered center? Richburg is soft. He moves no one off the line in the run game and gets pushed back into the QB a lot. This big problem has been overshadowed by the play of Flower's, but make no mistake about it, Richburg is not a starting center.
          have said this for yrs. Our guards and center aren't that great. They said rich was playing injured last yr. think at best they are around average. We will know for sure this yr.

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