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Giants' Rookie Mini-Camp: Day 2 - Morning Practice Report

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  • Giants' Rookie Mini-Camp: Day 2 - Morning Practice Report

    Excerpt: "After overcast skies threatened to force the Giants indoors, the team managed to get the third of four practices in exactly where head coach Tom Coughlin prefers they be – outdoors. And while stars and busts are not going to emerge from this kind of camp given the purpose of the camp, it’s still interesting to watch.

    Before I list some of the highlights – again, I’ll have a much more detailed write-up in the May issue of Inside Football – I want to offer a general observation about this camp.
    I firmly believe this is one of the best executed rookie camps I’ve covered. Buy that I mean it seems that there have been fewer mental errors made, and there’s been a lot less yelling by the coaches. I’m not saying every player has had picture-perfect technique at his position – far from it. But overall, this camp, for as uneventful as it’s been, has reflected well of the players as far as their heeding Coughlin’s message about seizing the opportunity that is in front of them.

    *In pass catching drills, where a coach would throw a ball on the money, at the receiver’s back shoulder, and at his knees, Devon Brown (tryout, West Virginia) and Shaky Smithson (tryout, Utah), had their share of issues. (I’m tempted to write that “Shaky was shaky,” but I’ll spare you my lame attempt at humor.)
    * Yesterday I thought that QB Wilson Masoud (tryout, Bethel) was had the edge in camp. Not so today. He was off target quite a bit, often times throwing behind his receivers.

    * TE Michael Palmer continues to impress. In addition to catching nearly everything thrown his way, he has done a good job in engaging his man and has not at all looked overwhelmed. With Larry Donnell, who was on the practice squad last year, reportedly dealing with an injury (I had wondered why Donnell wasn’t here at the minicamp despite being eligible for it), I wonder if perhaps the Giants might swap Donnell for Palmer iof the former’s injury threatens his availability later this spring?" Read more...
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