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  • Inconsistent Offense

    I see a lot of posts debating whether or not the offensive struggles are Eli's fault or the WRs. I think its the system that is to blame for the most part. They had a thread a while ago that had an article that explained the Gilbride offensive philosophy; Based on the defense WRs can change the depth of their routes and the route itself. The QB and the WR have to be seeing the same thing to be on the same page- way too many what ifs IMO.

    Gilbride says he dumbed down the system from what he ran in Houston, but I'm not buying it. While we are unpredictbale to opposing defenses most games its apparent that WRs routes have become unpredictbale to Eli also. As long as we run this offense their are going to be a large amount of miscommunications and we'll never be consistent.

    I want a new offense. I'm tired of watching Eli throw deep to the corner and our WRs cutting across the middle.

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    Re: Inconsistent Offense

    yea i agree. the notion that some how its on eli..lmfao. the guys has been lights out accurate and deadly passing the ball, like u said there are just way too many what ifs.

    god, i wish we had an OC like Sean Payton. The way that offense is run.

    Its like our DC and OC do the opposite of what is successful meaning, you want to dictate to the opposition what they can do. Not allow the opposition dictate what you will do.

    "Well we run our routes based on what the defense tells us..."

    "Well we read and react to what the offense does..."

    And what happens, we either have mishaps/miscommunication or a team figures a way how to burn us over...and over...and over.

    TC should stay imo, we need new coordinators. The thing that sucks is Eli is like 6 yrs deep into KG's system, so he makes it look good...not KG making eli look good. so starting again could be a process which is why its imperative to get fresh, smart, new coordinators or have the owners and TC sit down with our coordinators we have now and tell em to make adjustments, if they can.