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Rookie Safety Models Himself After Former Giant

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  • Rookie Safety Models Himself After Former Giant

    Excerpt: "Cooper Taylor was in elementary school in the Atlanta area back in the late 1990s when Jason Sehorn was starring for the Giants as a one-of-a-kind cornerback. Not many rookies about to enter the NFL nowadays point to Sehorn as the player they emulate, but there is a glaring reason why Taylor does.

    “I’m definitely kind of an enigma for the position, not a whole lot of guys like me,’’ Taylor said during the recently completed Giants rookie mini-camp. “Hopefully that plays to my advantage.’’

    Sehorn might not have been an enigma, but he was unique, sticking out as an uncommonly tall (6-foot-2) cornerback, at the time the only white starting corner in the league. A devastating knee injury nearly grounded his rocketing career, but there were years when Sehorn was a breathtaking performer, so much so that late team patriarch Wellington Mara quietly labeled Sehorn one of the best he ever had seen.

    Taylor also sticks out because, well, he sticks out. At 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, the fifth-round pick from Richmond by way of Georgia Tech sure looks like a football player, but not a safety.
    “I get a lot of quarterback, I get a lot of tight end,’’ he said. “When I tell ’em safety, I usually get a second look.’’ Read more...
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    I hope the guy can come in and do some good stuff for us. would be awesome to have a guy his size play with the big boys


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      he is huge for a safety!
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        I'm definetly excited about this guy.
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