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Eisen's Mailbag: David Wilson's Role

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  • Eisen's Mailbag: David Wilson's Role

    "What is the status on the Giants running back position? Is David Wilson going to be the starter for the 2013 season?

    Dear Jason:
    It is widely assumed Wilson will be the starting running back in 2013, but Tom Coughlin has made no announcement to that effect. Nor will he. Officially, the job will won in training camp and in the preseason. But Wilson is certainly the heavy favorite. He was, after all, a first-round draft choice and he is very talented. Andre Brown is in the mix, as is Da’Rel Scott and seventh-round draft choice Michael Cox. And it’s possible another player will be signed to join the competition. But the general feeling is the job is Wilson’s to lose.

    What are the chances that Damontre Moore could be moved to linebacker? That would help us in an area of weakness and get him on the field sooner. Or perhaps Adrian Tracy, who seemed to have some success in preseason a few years ago playing linebacker?

    Dear Dave:
    I doubt either player will officially be moved to linebacker. But that doesn’t preclude them from unofficially playing a linebacker-type position at times. The Giants are going to use numerous fronts in 2013. It is possible that in some of them players with the skill sets of Moore and/or Tracy could line up in a two-point stance. They won’t be listed as linebackers. The Giants seem to have many dual-position possibilities. Aaron Curry, a linebacker, said last week he enjoyed playing in the middle of the line in some schemes in Oakland."
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    I really think Aaron Curry would be best suited to middle linebacker....he's much better attacking the line of scrimmage, and is not a fluid cover guy.
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