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Final Game Ramblings about next week, the year, and the future. What's your view?

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  • Final Game Ramblings about next week, the year, and the future. What's your view?

    So the final week of regular season football is upon us and I have a few moments to reflect and look ahead. It's been a tough year for our boys, injuries and lack of focus has really challenged them this year. I think the coaching staff has done a tremendous job this year as well as the
    depth players. It's no secret that we don't have great defense right now but the growth of Eli and Cruz this year has me excited for the future. Defensive injuries has really made playing D a challenge.

    A look back at our off season. Letting Boss, Steve Smith and Cofield go did not hurt as much as I thought it would. Some might hold anger at these players but I don't, not even Smith. He got the sucker Eagles to pay him a full season's salary with only a half a year. Smart on his part. I see him healthy next year, his value will be less than it was at the end of last year and I can really see the Giants signing him. Cofield, I wish him well. A good giant who earned every penny of his new contract with Washington. Thanks for the memories. Boss, how can you turn down that kind of money? I wouldn't. Take care Bossman.

    Now, the addition of Bass... not our best move. We seem to run better when he is out of the lineup. Beatty did decently at LG but the loss of O'Hara, Shuebert hurt plenty.

    Next year can you really see the Giants trying to sign Manningham? I don't. Too many bobbles not enough brains. I see the Giants making a run at Smith again. Barden... time to give up on him? Linebackers. We need some, again. Jaquan did a decent job as a rookie. Made plays, made mistakes. I see us drafting a lot of Defense and an Oline man or two in next year's draft.

    Our final season game against the Cowboys.. If we win, that's awesome and I'll be happy. If we lose the pain will linger and it will set us up for next year though, and I'll explain why. Suppose the Eagles win vs the Redskins which is very possible. Next year our non division teams we'll play will be .... at home (Saints, Bucs, Browns, Steelers) away (Falcons, Panthers, Ravens and Bengals) the two games that are up in the air are NFC North same place finisher at home and NFC West same place finisher on the road.) If we lose and the Eagles win, we'd get the third place schedule which is the Bears at home and the Cardinals away. If we lose and the Eagles lose we get second place schedule which is the Lions at home and the Seahawks on the road. If we beat the Cowboys this week we get the first place schedule which is the Packers at home and the Niners on the road. Make no mistake, I want to beat the Cowboys but if we lose, let's hope the Eagles win vs the Redskins.

    The bottom line, We had another successful year, even if we don't make the playoffs. We are not at the bottom of the barrel every year like so many other franchises. Regardless of what happens next year with injuries, as long as Eli is leading us, we have a great shot at winning more games than losing. Thanks for a great and fun year Giants.... It's not over yet and as I learned in 2007... anything can happen. Kick butt on Sunday night. Let's hope the crowd kicks butt as well.

    Scoops... OUT

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    Re: Final Game Ramblings about next week, the year, and the future. What's your view?

    nice thread man... I was just wondering though how does the schedule decide which games are home and away?


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      Re: Final Game Ramblings about next week, the year, and the future. What's your view?

      yeah it really does ride on this game ... if we lose, then we end up 8-8, which is 2 big steps backwards from our 10-6 non-playoff finish from last year and you really have to label the season a disaster even factoring in the injuries ... i think you could see a lot of changes in this scenario

      if we win, then all is forgotten (for a week) as we lift the NFC East champ banner and look forward to a home playoff game

      and if that aint football for ya, i dont know what is ... truly a game of inches