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Why wont Mcadoo attempt 50yd field goals?

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    Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post

    My guess would be if he misses, they get the ball in really advantageous territory OR it's short and they run it back into advantageous territory or even score.

    If TC were the coach he would have the stat on likely success from that distance. Don't know about McAdoo.
    I get that but you can't coach a team by the premise that you don't believe in your own players. That definitely does not help breed confidence nor success. Plus his kicker was perfect from all 50+ yard tries in preseason, so there is already hard evidence to support the ability of being able to make kicks from that distance. Mcaddofus has seen it with his own eyes, so why does he not trust it now. There hasn't been anything to create that doubt in his thick skull. He is a BAD TERRIBLE coach