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How should the Giants feel about Odell Beckham Jr moving foward?

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    say what you want about Odell but this kid is a gamer. In the video Chris Carter said he spoke with Odell and Dr's said he could potentially be back by December, the kid still wants desperately to get back on the field for his team.


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      Originally posted by TonyDee View Post
      Why does everyone assume it's a sure bet he's coming back as good as new ?
      It's 50/50 at best. He's a wideout , not a lineman. I don't think
      they should tie up a ton of money in him.
      Getting advice from Carter ? Isn't he the guy that told rookies to 'get a fall guy'
      if they get in trouble with the law ? I never liked that guy's act and still don't....
      it was a fractured ankle, not a torn patella tendon or achilles which is career threatening.


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        Beckham will be fine. Fix Everything else on the offense don't worry about Beckham! Beckham WORKS he has a great work ethic during the off season:

        Even when he didn't show up to camp it was ZERO Concern IMO. I think the injury will help with the maturing process and make him stronger mentally!


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          They should feel like he is out for the season, rehabbing and will be ready to go at 100% next Summer.