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  • Originally posted by KillaRich View Post
    McAdoo is the cause for all this **** , DRC was our best CB. At one time then just pushed him down to #3 on the depth chart for Eli Apple ? Apple has sucked this year and Mac is still disrespecting DRC .... hurry and for McAdoo before the whole team walks out on his stubborn arrogant pos ***
    Maybe, maybe not. DRC has done whatever he's been asked since being here and never had a problem which leads me to believe something much bigger is going on. Janoris, DRC, Collins even had a snide remark, then Apple... Somethings not right and its not due to just losing DRC and Janoris are vets and both know what loosing feels like nothing knew to either of them. This is an internal thing.



    • Originally posted by Gee718 View Post

      The Jaguars winning the Superbowl would be the icing on the cake
      Would that be after they trade for Eli and him a TC link up again ha

      I've recently switched my teams (see my previous thread) from the Panthers to the Giants, with this form and luck I certainly can't be dubbed a glory hunter!


      • Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
        This is the worst team and environment I can remember in my 30+ years a giants fan.

        The team needs to and should be gutted from GM down. I think a huge part is going from a militant style coach in Coughlin to a free style coach like McAdoo. Players don't respect him. Team is 0-5. Injuries all over.

        The team is officially waiving the white flag.

        Never thought I would see something like this from the Giants.
        +1...THIS is Unbelieveable!...worst I've seen in 40+ years...12 weeks to go, this is going to get Nuts without Big time Mara intervention


        • Originally posted by BIG_Blue_87 View Post

          I'm praying for 0 and 16 and a Manning trade to Jags offseason.

          **** me. If we could get rid of JPP as well, i would like that, too.

          Jpp and Eli for a 3rd lol.
          no one is going to pick JPP's contract up. $54 million (guaranteed) is a lot of money and probably yet another mistake by JR. I was an advocate at the time, in fairness.


          • Originally posted by Gmanfrom58 View Post
            As I read all the comments here, I am starting to wonder if Mac is not forcing players on Spags. Like keeping Apple in the lineup. That might be whats happening, when you see Spags on the sideline it's not with the same intense look he had last year. I could be wrong. But Mac might be stepping on Spags toes and the guys on the defense are tired of the interference. I have been a fan longer than I care to admit, but I don't remember us being this broken before. I agree with YA, that we are gonna be stuck with this coach till the last game of the season. But I hope at least quietly Mara is reaching out to Parcells, or someone with that kind of resume, to take over Football operations. Cause he sure sucks at it
            Perhaps Reese is forcing Apple on McAdope and McAdope is forcing Apple on Spags. Just like Flowers continues to play. Reese needs those 2 top 10 picks to develop to save his job.


            • Originally posted by moosedrool View Post

              Perhaps Reese is forcing Apple on McAdope and McAdope is forcing Apple on Spags. Just like Flowers continues to play. Reese needs those 2 top 10 picks to develop to save his job.
              That might be the case. Or MacAdope, might be so full of himself with last years record that he feels the need to coop the D, just as he stubbornly clings to calling the plays on O. There is more than meets the eye going on here, for this much dissension to be exploding.


              • For some reason I thought DRC got injured in the game or the previous game.

                This team is going to h**l in a handbasket.
                Fan since 1970.

                "Don't worry about it. It's just a bunch of guys with an odd-shaped ball." -- Bill Parcells


                • Maybe the players want to kneel on every snap!
                  Players come and go on the Free Agency Merry-Go-Round, but the N.Y. Giants will always be here!


                  • I'll ask again, when the last person leaves, please turn out the lights.

                    This is getting ******ed. McAdoo needs to go...end of story. Fire his *** and pay John Gruden whatever he wants!!

                    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."


                    • honestly I been thinking about if they can trade DRC before he gets Injured. Well with this situation I think it is time to make that move! Nothing against DRC I like him but DRC should be on the outside not as the Nickle. Maybe that is part of his frustration. I'm sure DRC has Value so MOVE HIM!
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                      • Can we fire McAdoo and Reese now?


                        • Originally posted by GoDeep13 View Post

                          They gave up on Tom but they knew better than to show their ***** like they are with Mac.
                          If anyone thinks Tom Coughlin was treated well by the players when he first arrived they would be mistaken.


                          • Originally posted by Martin View Post

                            You sir are correct. This is new to me as a fan. Not once do I remember this type of behavior by the players at least not out in the open.
                            TC wasn't perfect but he had control over his team even when they played bad and were down.

                            11 more games to play and John Mara my need to step in to that locker room.
                            Full disclosure, agreeing with anything I say here will result in you making a few ignore lists
                            “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


                            • Originally posted by Hendricks View Post
                              And the unraveling of this disastrous season continues. Absolutely unbelievable that the owners have such a low opinion of the fanbase that they allow this ****show to continue. It could easily be a historically bad season by the time it is done and they simply don't seem to care.
                              Here's some irony... they dont care about the fan base unless it involves Kaepernick and how the Giants would never bring him here because the fans wouldnt allow it. That really ticked me off and made him look like a real biznatch IMO. Grow some balls Mara. Way to show your true colors of being a follower, not a leader. He's a fool if he thought that ticket sales would suffer. The waiting list is how long for season tickets?


                              • DRC at team facilities today

                                Long Live the King