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If you're Mara what do you do?

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    The Giants don't believe in panic mode
    they will evaluate at seasons end as always
    we don't know the way the next 11 games will play out

    I'll say this....philly played with a ferocity last night i haven't seen from the Giants since last season

    so to some extent I'd say we are not a totally motivated team

    and that appears to be getting worse not better

    anyone who does not want to play all out should be sat

    Marshalls gone Perkins sidlelined

    JPP should take a seat too
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      Originally posted by AGiantDynasty View Post
      At seasons end.

      -Fire and replace HC and GM. Keep spags as DC.
      -Allow eli to make his decision. Stay, go or retire.
      -Consider OBJ trade offers. Deal him if a nice one comes.
      -Rebuild the OL and running game.
      -Draft another young QB to compete for the future,

      Anyone that thinks taking a 1st Rd QB and putting him in front of this OL is absolutely crazy. This OL will ruin a young QB.

      Of course, those who killed every coach over the years will turn again on Spags soon.

      The rest is perfect.


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        Originally posted by Harooni View Post

        the owners wont do anything mark it down. they may if it continued for 2 years like this ask mcdoo to resign gracefully. i remember the empty threats of 2013-14. that was just to appease fans.

        didn't Mara put Reese on notice 2 years ago...Mara needs to tell Reese if he wants to keep his job he has to draft a QB like Carson Wentz
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          Fire everybody and start over with new GM/VP Personnel, and let him pick new Head Coach. Personally, I would hire someone from a successful org., like NE.


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            Fire McA*****. Yeah we were 11-5 last year but people forget that we could have easily been 5-11 as well. Almost every game could have been lost. This year the luck has gone the way it could have last year but didn't.