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0-8 a possibility? Never usually one to be doom & gloom but this certainly feels like reality

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    If we're 0-8, sorry, tell Eli thank you but the Ironman streak ends, we have to see what we have in Webb. We were 5-4 in 04 with Kurt Warner at QB & they gave the keys to Eli & we promptly lost 6 0f the next 7 games with Eli at QB. Might have made the playoffs that yr but to Giants management, it was more important to see what they had in Eli. This GM failed Eli in his final yrs by not getting him a real OL to see if Eli could get that 3rd ring. Now at 36, I just feel that it will take 2-3yrs to build a real OL around Eli again & by then our D will be gutted and then it will be the opposite problem again, good O, bad D. Give Webb the ball and if he is the real deal, we can draft a stud OLineman #1, another one #2 and then see about getting a workhorse RB to pair along with Gallman. Screw this RB by committee farce the Giants have been running the last 3-4 yrs..


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      Originally posted by PennState1 View Post
      I see us having a chance against the 49ers and perhaps the Cardinals but even that's a stretch.

      I'm sure this team will be in high spirits traveling 3,000 miles to S.F. and be really focused on Christmas Eve after flying to AZ.

      and I agree, those are the best chances of winning on the schedule - LOL


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        @DEN (L)
        SEA (L)
        LAR (?)
        @SF (L)
        KC (L)
        @WAS (L)
        @OAK (L)
        DAL (L)
        PHI (L)
        @ARZ (?)
        WAS (?)

        No better than 3-13 from my point of view.