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Quotes: Players Meet The Media On Day 2

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  • Quotes: Players Meet The Media On Day 2

    "RB David Wilson

    Q: Does the change in responsibility this year for you change anything for you?

    A: Most definitely, so I have to be really precise in practice and give the coaches confidence. I know they have it in me and Iíve been looking good and doing what I need to do so far. I just got to get better and better each day, use this offseason to be as effective as I can when the season starts.

    Q: Where do you feel you are in terms of pass blocking?
    A: Pass blockingÖ I didnít have many opportunities last year to show that capability due to my reps and thatís an area that I definitely need to show the coaches that I can handle and thatís an area that a running back in the NFL definitely needs to be able to handle. Iím doing all the right things to take steps towards that and be ready for the season.

    Q: How do you feel about this season in terms of you and Andre Brown splitting carries? Are you a guy that needs 15 carries a game?
    A: Iím not worried about the carries or the yards or stats. It doesnít mean as much as winning games and us working together to make the running game effective so the passing game can be effective. When you balance out the two thatís when you win games and we definitely need to win games because the Super Bowl is here this year. Thatís where I want to be.

    Q: Are you still going to be involved in returning kicks?
    A: On kickoff return I definitely want to be a part of that. Thatís the part of the game that I like the most ever since I started playing football. That was age eight. I really enjoy that part of the game and any way I can help the team Iím willing to do it and I definitely want to be back there.

    Q: Did Ahmad Bradshaw leave you guys anything that you can use going forward?
    A: Yeah. He left a great impression on us at our position. We have big shoes to fill because heís a tough running back and he did all of the things necessary for the Giants to win games. He had two Super Bowls while he was here. So he left a great impression on us to come behind and follow.

    Q: How long is it going to take for you and the offensive line to feel comfortable with each other to be like the bell cow?
    A: Not long because we have a good chemistry and those guys are going to do what they need to do. They want to win just as bad as I want to win and when you have everybody on the field giving their all and wanting to win and doing all the right things that they need to do you get great results. I donít think it will take long for us to get accustomed to working together and knowing what theyíre going to do and being able to anticipate their next move.

    RB Andre Brown

    Q:As a guy whoís going to get a handful of carries, does it make you want to work harder?
    A:Yeah. I still feel like Iíve got a lot to prove and first I just want to have a healthy season and then go out there and just be productive and help this team win games and championships and thatís what itís all about.

    Q:How big of a presence was Ahmad Bradshaw?
    A:Being around Ahmad and Brandon early in my career, speaking up as a leader and now as me being more of a vocal leader is kind of likeÖ because those guys did most of the talking leadership wise and they carried the leadership of the room and Iím the oldest guy in the room now and itís like Iíve got to become more of a vocal leader and make sure the young boys knowÖ Michael knows the plays and the protections and I go over with him and making sure that he knows the steps and stuff like that. I guess Iím finally mature enough where I can step into that role and be a very effective leader.

    Q:Has it been a difficult adjustment?
    A:I had it before in college. I always had it, but I wasnít a vocal leader when I first came into the NFL. I just kind of sat back, took notes, listened and ended up repeating what the guys were saying to me in my younger days. Listening and just repeating. Thatís it.

    Q:After all youíve gone through, did you take the chance to sit back and enjoy last year at all?
    A:Not really because it ended on a disappointing note and because I got hurt and I couldnít reallyÖ It wasnít enjoying anything because as a competitor you still want to go out there and looking forward to making the playoffs and be coming back because I was on the IR where I could come back and play and that would have made the season if I could have come back and played in a playoff game. I really showed that I could be productive even after having the injury like that. I had my highs and my lows. Thereís some stuff to look back on and I say that was good and then there was some stuff like injuries that Iím just like, ĎIíve just got to finish the season and be healthy for a whole year.í

    Q:Whatís your confidence level going into the season?
    A:Obviously, OTAs, youíre working and youíre fine tuning your craft right now with details, the routes and making sure your pass protection is going well and running the ball, making sure your alignment into the holes is good. Iím really anxious to get out there and get some pads on and hit somebody. Thereís a lot of buildup for that, but Iím looking forward to this season. I just go out here, work hard and getting ready for the field.

    Q:Are you and David Wilson similar or different?
    A:Weíre totally different types of backs. David is an explosive young back and I feel that we compliment each other well because Iím a big back and I run down hill and Dave can scat and take it outside. Iíd much rather him have a sweep than me. I think thatís whatís going to be a good one-two punch with us complimenting each other. "
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    Good read! Thanks broseidon!

    Stand with Cruz!


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      I am very interested in the run game this year. It's going to be a hell of a ride!