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HC says that the team was playing hard, effort not the proble

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    Originally posted by Roosevelt View Post
    Sterling. Shepard called next weeks game against the 49ers a big game.

    I think itís clear the Giants have no idea what to say anymore.
    Well at least he is out there trying to win, unlike most of them. He is one of the few true professionals in that locker room. He could have easily milked that injury seeing how things are, but he didn't. In essence, it is a big game for players that are pretty much playing for future employment on the team.


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      Originally posted by TCHOF View Post
      McAdoo should go watch the tape of Eli Apple on that 3rd and 33 play.

      I hope the new regime gets rid of that ****ing *****
      Ya know... people get all over Reese for the lack of talent picks. I see a bunch of precious me-guys out there on the football field. No character guys out there. Very little to like about this team


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        Originally posted by Tito-Wooten View Post
        yeah i'm sure when he watches the tape and sees landon collins and eli apple just watching robert woods run by them on a 3rd and 33 WR screen he's going to say that the effort was there. mcadoo is clueless and all i want for my birthday today is for him and reese to get fired. is that too much to ask?
        Collins has never been an asset in coverage. The rams watched the film and simply exposed him as a liability in pass coverage and were actively looking for him in the passing game. They are allowing big plays at an extremely high rate. IMO, that is more on the coaches than it is the players due to the lack of adjustments.
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