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Giants who won't be Giants in 2018: Who could get cut after disaster season?

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  • Giants who won't be Giants in 2018: Who could get cut after disaster season?

    Excerpt: "Changes are coming for the Giants.

    Teams don't enter the year with Super Bowl expectations, stumble to 1-8 with turmoil all around and a 31-21 loss to the previously-winless 49ers on the books, and then come back intact after whatever disappointing end they reach.

    Those changes may very well start at the top with head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese. But even if the team's top leaders do remain in place, it's a given there will be significant personnel changes.

    This coming offseason will be a period of change in particular for some of the team's veteran players,
    no matter what happens to McAdoo and Reese
    . Several are free agents, and others will be candidates to be cut for salary cap - or other - reasons. Here's a rundown of the veterans under contract in 2018 and where they stand:

    COULD BE GONE: CB Janoris Jenkins
    The Pro Bowl cornerbackís indefinite suspension, and no-show effort against the Niners, has brought to the forefront the fact that, of the three big defensive free agents the Giants signed in 2016 (Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon being the others), Jenkins is the only member of the trio that has no more guaranteed money coming his way after this season.
    That opens the door for the Giants to cut or try to trade him this offseason if they are so inclined, and it's hard to see how it can be ruled out after Sunday. In fact, it's hard to see how they bring him back for a third year.
    If the Giants cut or trade Jenkins with a pre-June 1 designation, they would eat $6 million in dead money in 2018 (the remainder of his prorated signing bonus cap hit) and save $7 million in cap space. A post-June 1 cut/trade would spread the dead money out over two years ($2 million in 2018, $4 million in 2019) and save $11 million in 2018 cap space.

    COULD BE GONE: QB Eli Manning

    There has been a lot of speculation about Manningís future of late, and the more his on-field struggles continue and the closer the Giants get to a top pick, the louder it will get.

    The real questions likely wonít begin until 2019, but they could come sooner. Manning is more or less locked in for 2018. He has no guaranteed money left, but the Giants would eat $12.4 million in dead money (and save $9.8 million in cap space) if they cut Manning pre-June 1 (the trade numbers are the same, but Manning has a no-trade clause). If itís a post-June 1 move, the Giants would eat $6.2 million in dead cap in 2018 and 2019 while saving $16 million in 2018 cap space.

    Manningís 2018 deal could be restructured though. His base salary is scheduled to be just $10.5 million, but he is due a $5 million roster bonus on the third day of the new year. The Giants could opt to add an extra voidable year (through 2020) for cap purposes and convert some salary/roster bonus into signing bonus.

    LIKELY GONE: WR Brandon Marshall
    The Giantsí Marshall plan did not work, and itís hard to envision a scenario where they take a second swing at things. The Giants will save $5.1 million in cap space with just $1 million in dead money by cutting Marshall a year into his two-year deal. Itís doubtful they would entertain bringing Marshall back with a pay cut, and even more so there would be a trade market for him after he looked finished in limited 2017 action." Read more...

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