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With Or Wiothout Contract, Justin Pugh Will Attend Giants' Training Camp

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  • With Or Wiothout Contract, Justin Pugh Will Attend Giants' Training Camp

    Excerpt: "Five of the New York Giants' seven draft picks have signed their rookie contract, with the Syracuse boys — Justin Pugh and Ryan Nassib — the only two remaining unsigned. And with all of the other contract issues ongoing or cropping up (see: Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks), this could spell trouble for Big Blue, right? Wrong.

    Shortly after mandatory mini-camp ended earlier this week, offensive lineman Justin Pugh said he would be attending training camp in East Rutherford, NJ with or without a deal in place.

    “I’m not really worried about it,” Pugh said. “I just want to focus on football. That’s why I signed [the injury protection form to participate in the offseason program], so I can be out here. I know it’ll be done. I’m not missing any training camp, I know that right now. They do things the right way here, so I know we’ll get it done. I’m not worried about it.”

    'Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), rookie contracts are slotted with almost everything now being predetermined. There are only a few select numbers that are open to negotiation, with one of those being guaranteed money. That's where the conflict between the Giants and Pugh arose." Read more...
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