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Perry Fewell Confident In Adrian Tracy

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  • Perry Fewell Confident In Adrian Tracy

    Excerpt: "After an offseason that saw the Giants lose defensive end Osi Umenyiora, the man who is the franchise’s fourth-leading sack man to free agency, and the most talented pass rusher on the unit, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell still believes that the current unit of defensive ends can make an impact, in particular, Umenyiora’s protégé, Adrian Tracy.

    Tracy, a sixth round pick in 2010, was converted from linebacker to defensive end last year and is viewed as a high potential speed rusher. In 16 games last year, he compiled 12tackles, mostly on special teams, but did get one sack in his first season at his new position.

    Fewell has noticed an improvement in Tracy’s game thus far in the summer, saying, “He’s playing with a lot more confidence, a lot more purpose, and it’s very nice to see.”

    A nickname that Tracy picked up last year was “Yosi”, as in ‘young Osi’, in reference to how Umenyiora took Tracy under his wing and thus tailed the young rusher’s game after his. Fewell acknowledged this relationship by noting, “Osi did a nice job of training (Tracy). He was his mentor, so to speak. He has flashes of Osi in him at times.”

    Though he has big shoes to fill, Tracy understands the magnitude of the opportunity that has been placed in front of him.

    “It’s big not only for me, but for everybody. I am very confident in my skills and abilities and I think the coaches recognize my versatility and what I can bring to the table.” Read more...
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    i kinda am too. i liked what i saw in his extremely limited playing time. seemed quick/athletic n versatile.


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      didnt we use him as the joker last yr vs SF? or was it GB? he was used as a DL, a LB, and hybrid blitzer


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        He was used vs SF, as a joker, more towards the end when we had the game in hand. He was able to get to krapernick a couple of times too...

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