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    Originally posted by BigBlue1971 View Post
    I think Myers will bring a lot especially from a "getting down field" standpoint. I don't know how much of a blocker he is but Mike Pope should take care of that.

    Robinson is probably the future and should get some playing time this year and if he is the JPP of tight ends should take over as the starter next year.

    Pascoe will be used in key situations as a blocker and may even run a few tight end routes just to keep everyone honest.

    I think our crop of tight ends will surprise this year! im ready to see Robinson in action after his hype.
    i dont understand why this is like misconception #1 with Myers, this notion he is going to be this downfield target...he didn't have 1 reception last season (of his 80+) where the ball was thrown 20 yds or more...I suspect we actually use him in an opposite role. A lot like Witten. Underneath stuff, crossing stuff, with an occasional seam route.

    i agree with everything else tho


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      Originally posted by slipknottin View Post

      I don't think there were any 20+ yard catches. But that's a scheme thing too. He really doesn't run deep at all. Just crossing routes over the middle about 5-10 yards deep
      Can't wait to see what he can with those seam routes that the G'men favor. He's got the speed to be difficult to manage.


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        I think we are in solid shape at tight end. Brandon Myers appears to be a solid pick up. Robinson is getting praise on his learning curve. I happen to be a fan of Pascoe also. He is solid, versatile and never misses a game. When was the last time you saw him have a drop. I hope Robinson can step up and contribute this season.

        Why do people have to hate on Tebow. A lot of guys thanks God and Jesus. Why give him grief because he happens to really mean it. He has been a QB a long time and that's what he wants to be. Why should anyone care about what he feels he should be known as? He also seems OK with doing things other than QB. Hell he even covered punts.
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