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Giants' Summer Questionairre: Pro Bowl Guard Chris Snee

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  • Giants' Summer Questionairre: Pro Bowl Guard Chris Snee

    For our next installment of the Giants summer questionnaire, we visit with four-time Pro Bowl guard Chris Snee and discuss his rehab from hip surgery and his continued love affair with football.

    Will you be ready for the first day of training camp on July 26?

    I feel good right now. There’s still a ways to go as far as more position specific acceleration bursts and things of that nature. That's what I'm working on. The weight-room strength is there.

    If I’m back by Day 1 of camp, that’s good. If not, the good news is I’ve played in 150 NFL games so I know exactly what I’m doing.

    Is it a bummer to have to rehab during the offseason instead of relaxing?
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