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  • Blog Bits: RB David Wilson

    Excerpt: "Wilson, the former first-round pick, will go into training camp as the number one running back on the depth chart. After getting a late start last year in his rookie season due to his struggles with learning to pass block, is he ready for a full time role with all the accompanying responsibilities? He spoke about his progress, while bopping to the beat of the late Michael Jackson’s classic megahit “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.”

    Q: We caught a glimpse of you and André (Brown) together in the backfield, a play in which he went in motion. First time you’ve run that play?
    A: Yeah, they just threw both of us in there. It confused us. But I guess with Henry (Hynoski) out, there was supposed to be a tight end in there. So when we were both in the huddle together, we were confused and the coaches were like, “Stay in, stay in!” So I guess it was a spur of the moment thing.

    Q: Have you given much thought into the benefits of lining up in the backfield with another running back as opposed to a fullback in certain situations.
    A: Yeah, I think it would be more of a threat having us both of us out there.

    Q:With Ahmad Bradshaw gone, you have an opportunity to step up and be the man. What have you done to bring your game up to the next level?
    A: I just always work hard. That’s my main thing. Work hard, and once you put your hand on the ball, you’re already set. Just keep getting better and better, and keep getting better with the offense and doing all the right things to be a pro and do whatever yu can to help the team win." Read more...
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