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Giants' Summer Questionairre: Justin Pugh

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  • Giants' Summer Questionairre: Justin Pugh

    Excerpt: "A rookie's adjustment to the NFL is difficult enough aside from the burden of exception carried by first-round draft picks. Since the Giants chose Justin Pugh with the No. 19 pick in the first round of April's NFL Draft -- setting off a raucous scene in the living room of his parents' house -- Pugh has impressed. He is engaged in a battle with David Diehl to be the Giants' starting right tackle. "It looks like he moves well enough, that he’s intelligent enough, it looks like he’s focused, professional, determined," Kevin Gilbride, the Giants' offensive coordinator, said of Pugh at the end of minicamp earlier this month. Pugh discussed his leap to the NFL in this installment of the Giants summer questionnaire series.

    Describe the adjustment that comes with becoming an NFL player, and particularly the expectation of being a first-round pick.

    It's the sheer volume of plays. We tried to simplify things when we were at Syracuse. You master a few plays against a couple looks. Now, the whole playbook is in my hands. There are so many different looks because teams run so many different things. In college, it's definitely more vanilla.

    Even in a 'pro-style' college offense?

    My first two years, he did the same thing we did here: put in a lot of plays. But it was hard for the young guys to learn. So last year we went no-huddle -- we probably had about 15 plays we ran all year. So it made it a lot easier. We had those plays mastered. To come in and have the whole playbook thrown at you is a lot to learn. So my job is to come in every day and be in there watching film. So, the biggest adjustment is getting that playbook down. Once you learn the plays, once you have that down, you can play fast. That's the biggest thing is to play fast.

    This organization values players who are versatile, who can play multiple positions. coming into the NFL Draft you were seen as a guy who could play at guard or tackle. Have you worked at guard at all or just right tackle?

    I'm just in at right tackle right now. So I'm focused on learning that position. Obviously, you have to know what the guy next to you is doing -- so I am learning guard at the same time. All five guys need to be on the same page. So during camp I might get some reps at left guard, right guard, wherever they need me at. The biggest thing right now is to work at right tackle, get that down, and once I have that down move on to the next thing so I can be that guy who can come in and play wherever they need me to." Read more...
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