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    Excerpt: "Antrel Rolle is a guy who doesnít get a lot of credit for what he brings to the table. Although he has had to play out of position at times over the last two years, his resiliency and leadership have been admirable. And now that heís getting ready to move back to his more natural position, heís potentially poised for a brig season.

    Q: We had a chance to speak with the position coaches and they mentioned that the plan for you this year is hopefully keep you away from the slot. Still, with all the extra experience and perspectives you got from playing these extra positions, how can you use that in reinventing yourself this year and getting better at the things you already do well?
    A: I just program myself within a couple of days of knowing where Iím going to be that weekend. If I know Iím going to be playing in the nickel, I get myself in the nickel frame of mind. I try to understand where I can be more effective as a nickel back and steal a couple plays throughout the game. And vice versa for safety. At safety I have to be a little more disciplined playing the position being that Iím the last guy in the lien of defense so I just transfer my mind to understand my role and understand where my help is going to be and where I need to be the protector and where you can take those little slight chances and gambles, and so forth.

    Q: For as solid as you were last year, when you looked in the mirror this offseason, what did you identify as areas where you can get better?
    A: I feel like I can get better all around. It doesnít matter if I did something extremely well. I always feel like I can get better from an all-around perspective, whether itís coverage, whether itísí identifying formation, identifying route concepts, breaking on the all faster, taking better angles Ė I always find something in my game that I can work to strive to achieve perfection.

    Q: Coach David Merritt spoke about the chemistry between the pairings at safety .Can you provide a little insight into the chemistry you developed with Stevie Brown last year and how youíve been working to bring that to a new level?
    A: At first when Stevie filled in for that role in place of Kenny Phillips, of course things are not going to be as fine-tuned as you want them to be. Itís totally different when you practice for game time because come game time, everything gets kind of bunched into a limited time space so you kind of sit by yourself and panic a little bit because you find yourself with the big guys before the ball is snapped because everything is moving that much faster than it is at practice. Throughout the course of the season, we got very familiar with each other. I think it got to the point where our chemistry started growing game by game, and we were able to complement each other. He did a great job, especially being a ball hawk, and making some game-changing plays." Read more...
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