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Giants' Roster Breakdown: Mark Herzlich

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  • Giants' Roster Breakdown: Mark Herzlich

    Excerpt: "Mark Herzlich heads to training camp as the Giants starting middle linebacker. Can he keep the job?

    We have talked about Mark Herzlich and the middle linebacker job many times during the offseason. Today we get to do it again as Herzlich is next up in our player-by-player look at the 90-man roster the New York Giants will bring to training camp.

    2012 Season In Review

    Herzlich appeared to have a shot at taking the middle linebacker job away from Chase Blackburn a season ago, but that never happened. He ended up starting just two games and making 30 tackles while playing just 176 defensive snaps. His Pro Football Focus grade was -4.3." Read more...
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    I love Herzlich and his story is a great one with what hes gone thru but I never thought he would be considered for the starting mlb job.

    last year I didn't think he played that well. this is a different year however.


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      im hoping he looks like a new player out there. he's shown some good instincts at time, without the physical ability to carry out the use of his instincts. im hoping he's all there physically/mentally bc i dont think hes had both yet...


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        He was given every opportunity to beat out Chase last year, and Chase flat-out smoked him. Not sure how he will be much better this year.