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Giants' Roster Breakdown: Mathias Kiwanuka

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  • Giants' Roster Breakdown: Mathias Kiwanuka

    Excerpt: "Mathias Kiwanuka is moving back to defensive end in 2013.

    Mathias Kiwanuka is moving back to defensive end exclusively in 2012. Can that boost Kiwanuka, who seemed missing in action much of the time in 2012. Let's continue our look at the 90-man roster the New York Giants will bring to training camp by focusing on Kiwanuka, who is entering his eighth season with the Giants.

    2012 Season In Review

    Truth be told, 2012 was not a great season for Kiwanuka. Whether playing outside linebacker, which he did during the first half of the season, or defensive end, where he spent his time the second half of the season, Kiwanuka had very little impact on the Giants' defense. He had only three sacks and 37 tackles, down from 3.5 and 84 the season before. Kiwanuka played only 539 snaps, a clear indication he was not nearly as important to the defense as he was in 2011, when he played 978 defensive snaps. Kiwanuka's Pro Football Focus score in 2012 was an unsightly -8.4." Read more...
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    i hope people are as patient in allowing him to get comfortable with playing DE as was afforded to him as a LB.

    I'm excited to see how his game looks by the end of the season. I never really wanted him to be LB but did want him on the field, so I agreed with the coaching decision to move him. But, I also always wondered how he'd look as a DE right now had we never moved him. we are all victim to short memories.

    kiwi absolutely flashed the kinda play we associate with guys like osi, tuck, stray, jpp. that whole v.young let out of the grasp thing kinda took over our memories as well, but kiwi absolutely was good at generating pressures. it seemed like whether it was injury, timing, or plain bad luck, we'd get a taste of what he could be as a DE, only for that vision to be put off to the side. which kinda speaks to the team guy he is, he's been selfless his whole career and i for one applaud and thank him for that.


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        in Kiwis case once a hybrid always a hybrid.

        i'll believe hes exclusively at d-end when he plays there all season.


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          Kiwi will be fine. My concern lies with those who fall in behind him. Lets hope Tuck and kiwi can stay healthy.


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            i'm really excited to see kiwi at de again.

            how most feel/felt about JPP as a promising young DE, I felt about Kiwi after that rookie/sophomore seasons. i remember even thinking he looked like a beast compared to OL when he was first coming on the scene.

            im not gonna be unfair and expect kiwi to play at a consistently high level right out the gate, thats just the truth of the situation imo. but i absoltely expect to see him flash a ton of skill repeatedly while he progresses to becoming a consistent DE. a lot of ?? about our D this season, but that just means theres a lot interesting answers awaiting.


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              On the one hand, we've bounced Kiwi all over the place since drafting him, not giving him a chance to settle in anywhere,
              On the other hand, we've been more than patient with him waiting for him to fulfill a greater measure of his early promise.
              It is show me time for Kiwi and a bushelfull of other guys on this team.
              No one remembers who came in second.