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Heres some Giant Player Highlights

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  • Heres some Giant Player Highlights

    Take no credit for these vids, but admire the work of NYGCentral on youtube and thought these were worth posting up. Just for your general information and evaluatory purposes:

    I remember there being a lot of criticism over prince and his rookie season, when I thought his rookie year wasnt all that bad at all. I'm more concerned with hosley a little bit. Seems to be lacking in straight line speed, more quicker than fast imo. Not a bad thing but not sure if he can play on the outside in the long run. Does have potential as a press corner with his body type but didnt flash it much in his rookie year.

    This guy is the real deal. Think he can be a great pass rush specialist in 2013. has legit burst and ability to sink his hips and dip the corner. real excited

    Pugh highlights from his college career. 11 minute long reel of pass plays and run blocks. I liked what I saw for the most part

    Just some stuff to share on a slow day

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    Thanks, great stuff


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      I see Hosley more as a nickel guy. Giants' staff kind of had their hands tied last year with Coe (didn't last long) and Tryon, so they had to move him outside. Coughlin's intentions were to keep him in the Nickel, so I hope we can stay healthy enough to further groom him there.

      And he has to stay healthy.
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        I can see why Tracy is sometimes referred to as "Young Osi"... he keeps getting pushed around the QB when he's lined up at DE. However, I liked what I saw at the OLB position. However, when he was lined up in the OLB, it almost looked like a 3-4 defensive front (a good example is at 4:57), although it could have also been that 4-4 package with one deep safety as well...

        I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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          awesome thanks for the clips. i've been lookin for tracy vs sf


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            im real excited to see Tracy this preseason to see if he's continued to grow as a player.

            With Hosely, I saw things I liked and didnt like his rookie year. But, he has 1 thing thats paramount in being a successful corner in the nfl, mirror ability. he'll be fine imo.

            I've been vocal about Pugh and think he'll prove to be the real deal for a while.