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Summer Questionnaire: Spencer Paysinger

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  • Summer Questionnaire: Spencer Paysinger

    Excerpt: "We've already heard from Mark Herzlich this summer. In our next installment of the Giants summer questionnaire, we talk to linebacker Spencer Paysinger about the opportunity before him this season as a member of the team’s unproven linebacking corps.

    What is your goal this season?

    I want to show my teammates and the fans that you don’t need the big-name linebacker, you don’t need the big-contract linebacker, you can get the job done with a couple of free-agent guys. I pride myself on that even though I’m kind of under the radar, when I step on the field I try to do an admirable job.

    What are your thoughts on the opportunity before you to start?

    I know there’s a chance for me to contribute more on defense this season and maybe take more of a leadership role. It’s just a matter of me getting to the point where I can internalize the playbook and earn the respect of the veterans. I want to go into training camp without losing a step from OTAs." Read more...
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    I dont care which LBs step up. But a a few really need to. Come on already.....can someone please play at an NFL level......
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