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    Excerpt: "Given his experience, David Carr is usually pretty informative source to speak with. And with the read option offense starting to take hold in the NFL, Carr shared some thoughts about it.

    Q: Given the changes in the offseason, it looks like youíre going to have to gear the scout team toward the read option offense a lot more this year. From a technical standpoint, what do you have to show when you run it?
    A: Itís fun. Itís like back yard football for me. There arenít a lot of reads involved Ė and Iím not trying to take anything away from any of the guys who run that system. Theyíre very talented players and great athletes that can run and throw the football, and they can do that. Thatís why I get excited when I get a chance to do that. Itís kind of like playing point guard out there. You get to run the football a bit and be a total football player. A lot of guys sometimes give quarterbacks a hard time out there Ė weíre not complete players because we just drop back seven yards deep and throw the ball. But in those situations, you get to finish off the play a bit more and light things up.

    Q: Wow, tell me how you really feel about it.
    A: (Laughs) Itís something we wish that we had this system infused in the NFL a little earlier, like ten years ago. I would have been great Ė I would have loved to run it in Houston when I was first starting out because it simplifies a lot for a young guy.

    Q: Offensive styles come and go, and there is always the fad, or the flavor of the month. Do you think the read option has the potential to be another fad or do you see it sticking around a while?
    A: I think itís going to stick around a while. It evens the playing field and youíre now playing 11 on 11 where usually when we sit in our meetings room, we talk about the run game and how weíre going to account for that extra guy here and there. Well if the running back and quarterback are viable options to carry the football, itís an even playing field, 11-on-11. I think itís here to stay. Itís been in the college game for a long time and it finally made it to the NFL and Iím glad it did.

    Q: Given your familiarity with that style of offense, put your defensive coordinator cap on for a minute. How would you defend the read option?
    A: I would be an offensive coordinator. (Laughs.)

    Q: Is it that much of a headache to defend against?
    A: Itís not that difficult, but as I said, it evens the playing field. It makes it to where you canít overload on one side, load up against the run here, etc. Thereís multiple ways a team can beat you now. Thatís why you see Colin Kaepernick and those guys running for 200 yards a game against a good Green Bay Packers defense. Then two weeks later theyíre lighting it up through the air. You canít stop it all. You can only try to contain it.

    Q: Does that offense necessitate changing the type of personnel you put on the field moving forward?
    A: Yeah, I think itís more geared toward a faster Ė not to say that the 350 lb. offensive linemen donít have a use in the game anymore because a team like ours, we still feature power. But in that system, you have to be fast, you have to be shape, and you have to be able to run multiple plays. They try to run 70-80 plays a game so yeah, itís a different type of player." Read more...
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