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Blog Bits: Safeties Coach David Merritt

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  • Blog Bits: Safeties Coach David Merritt

    Excerpt: "Safeties coach David Merritt is a former NFL linebacker, and one of the most pressing questions we had for him about how he coaches safeties to play that pseudo-linebacker role. As usual, he gave a very detailed and candid response to that and other questions.

    Q: So you must have been extra good last year because management got you a new safety to work with. What do you like so far about Cooper Taylor?
    A: Well number one, hes athletic, bit kid, big body who can go down and play the WIL linebacker spot as well as playing safety so what were trying to do right now is work him in at safety was well as playing him as WIL LB when it comes to sub. I think what hes going to bring to it is a lot of special teams play hopefully, a lot of production for us on special teams. If he has to go in the game right now, he would be the fourth the fourth safety because Ryan Mundy is doing pretty well, but this kid is going to be good for us. I think hes at that point right now where hes overloaded because hes trying to lay safety and WIL which is a lot, so its a little overwhelming for him but he has the metal capacity to where he can actually learn it and produce.

    Q: There sounds like a lot of talent is in your group with the addition of Taylor and Mundy. Have you been able to get a preliminary idea about who is going to be the best fit in certain situations?
    A: Its still a little too early to think about that, but what I am trying to do right now is make sure if I can get the chemistry right. Antrel (Rolle) and Stevie Browns chemistry is still good last year those guys were very productive. And then with Ryan Mundy coming in, Im going to try him and Cooper and him and Will Hill and see how that chemistry is. Right now there is a lot of talent back there. If we could get four safeties on the field, we would, but with Aaron Ross and Terrell Thomas, and those guys, we might not have to play that particular package as far as the three safeties, though were not going to rule it out. That extra safety would go in, like I said, possibly as the WIL linebacker position, but well see how it goes." Read more...
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    thanks for the article..kinda tough to read because of all the spelling mistakes


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      put four safties on the field at the same time and the offense should run the ball. That's what I'd do.
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        I don't understand why Will Hill isn't mentioned more. The guy played extremely well for us in minimal minutes last year.