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How would you grade the Giants' off season?

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  • How would you grade the Giants' off season?

    Now the Giants have wrapped up their business heading into training camp - or so we think - how would you grade JR's off season?

    Personally, I'd give us an A.

    Our main concern heading into this off season was the future of Mr. Cruz. While we could have lost him through RFA or have him hold out, we've now got him signed to a long-term deal which is pretty reasonable in terms of cap number. Job very well done.

    I also think one of our aims this off season was to stop the run and I think we've done all we can for that by signing guys like Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson, along with drafting Jonathan Hankins. Dan Connor will also help at LB with 1st and 2nd downs.

    In terms of replacing our free agents, I think we just about did that too. Louis Murphy could step and replicate the production of Domenik Hixon - different players, yes, but Murphy is a frightening deep threat and I have a feeling he'll put up big numbers.

    Brandon Myers is a fantastic catching TE and will put up similar if not better numbers that Martelleus Bennett, although granted he isn't as good as blocking. David Wilson & Andre Brown are exciting prospects to replace Bradshaw.

    In the backfield, I think Stevie Brown and Ryan Mundy will help cover the loss of Phillips. The only place I'd say we've failed to improve on is LB, although if Keith Rivers stays fit - we could have a pretty solid backer core.

    Yes we've lost Hynoski and JPP to injury but we're led to believe they'll both be ready for Week 1 and if that is the case then fantastic.

    Your turn...