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  • Blog Bits: RB Coach Jerald Ingram

    Excerpt: "Jerald Ingram is one of my favorite assistant coaches to hear from because he always gives such a thorough response to a question. Beside that, i think he’s also one of the most underrated assistant coaches on Tom Coughlin’s staff when you consider he was the one who fixed the fumbling issues of Tiki Barber and Ahmad Bradshaw, and has created a brotherhood in the running backs room in which the players exchange ideas and help each other, not try to cut each other down as competitors as some teams might do.

    Q: Where is David Wilson in his pass protection?
    A: I definitely see progress. I think he has a clear understanding as far as what our protections are, what is expected of him, but until you actually physically ask that individual to do that full speed and full gear, you can’t really know 100% for sure. But I think when we go to camp, he knows what his goals are right now and what he has to accomplish to be a complete running back and contribute on our team. I think we’ll get that out of him. He’ll be a much improved player from that situation this year.

    Q: How big of a loss is Henry Hynoski to this offense?
    A: You miss a guy like Henry Hynoski. There are certain situations as a pro-back Henry is absolutely by far great at doing in protecting the running back and the quarterback in situations. He’s very smart. He’s very professional. But Bear (Pascoe) has been there before when we had Madison Hedge**** going through injuries. We feel confident that Bear will do a good enough job for us, and we’ll put him in the best situations that we can.

    Q: With Hynoski out, might we see more single back sets? Can André and David be just as effective without a lead blocker?
    A: No, I don’t think it has to do with the running back. I think it has to do with the system. What is your system geared toward? We’ve always been a multi positional, formational team, no matter who had to play that fullback position just so the defense had to respect that you have someone in front of the ball carrier. We’ve always liked having someone in front of the ball carrier, so that if there was a breakdown, the fullback could adjust to that breakdown. So you don’t always want to be in that one-back set all the time. We’re always trying to keep the defense off guard.

    Q: I thought the play in practice where André and David were in the backfield together, and André went in motion was interesting.
    A: We’ve done that in the past.

    Q: But not very often. So with that said, would there be value to maybe lining up both of them in the backfield to keep defenses off guard? I would think they might not know who’s going to get the ball because with the fullback in there, maybe defenses play you a little differently.
    A: The only thing is we don’t do many of those kinds of things to make it that functional. It’s just enough to take advantage of what the defense gives us, and we’ve always done that. We’ve always done that in the past. That’s just part of our offense. We just haven’t shown a lot of it right now, but it’s always been part of our offense.

    Q: Hynoski said in the press release just after his injury that he’s shooting to be ready for the start of the season. If he isn’t, how do you work around what he brought to the table to make the offense hum as opposed to what Bear brings?
    A: Well, Bear can do the same things that we ask Henry to do. Henry is better at doing certain things, but it’s not like you find a guy who – you only have so many guys on a roster, so if you stack too many people up (at one position), you hurt yourself at other positions. Bear will be okay.

    Q: I would think though one of the things you’re going to be watching with Bear is making sure he keeps his pad level down because I would think given his height, that might be a challenge.
    A: Yes and no. For a guy like him, it’s the amount he has to know. He has to know the tight end position, he has to know the H-back position, he has to know the fullback position. Bear has played a couple of seasons at that fullback position, so it’s not foreign to him and it’s not foreign to us. We don’t ask our fullback to run the ball. If we did, that would be an issue.

    Q: Last year you started to use Hynoski as a receiver out of a backfield, a role that I don’t think you’ve have used as much with a running back since Derrick Ward was here, let alone with a fullback. Is that something you’d like to maybe do a bit more of given that he seems to catch everything thrown his way, you know, to keep defenses honest if they start to cheat a little?
    A: Well we didn’t use him as much as a receiver out of the backfield, per say. We used him to like how we used Brandon Jacobs in certain pass protections to be able to protect the bigger linebackers. When Ahmad (Bradshaw) was hurt and in certain situations, we put Henry out there on third down because one, he knew the pass protections and two, he was very good at protecting the quarterback. But as far as matching up with linebackers in man coverage, I don’t think we’d ask Henry to do that, but we’d ask him to protect Eli (Manning)." Read more...
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