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A world of difference with selfish & low effort players out and high motor guys in

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  • A world of difference with selfish & low effort players out and high motor guys in

    We know now that the lack of effort we saw wasnít an aberration. We know some of these clowns thought their contracts and jobs were guaranteed and could take off Sunday. It just blows your mind. From the lack of etiquette during Eliís benching, to fighting with coaches and the media, and so on, we know there were a lot of toxic, selfish, entitled and thin skinned babies lining the roster.

    Finally we saw effort and hustle. Might not have been pretty but give me high motors and hustle any day of the week. While I hate to see people lose their jobs, we also see that arrogant Reese coddled and enabled these guys, McAdoo was clueless, and both Ross and Reese kept their jobs too long. With the aberage NFL career about 4 years, contracts not being guaranteed, it is shocking that guys like Hart and Apple acted the way they did with fresh players coming in every year.

    Wheeler and Bisnowaty showed me a lot today against Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan-they look like they can be part of this lineís future at least as backups if not eventual starters. If we cut Eli Apple, Ross Cockrell looks like he can be the third corner behind Jack Rabbit and DRC.

    For the first time during this ugly season we saw hope and Dave Gettleman has proven he is brutally honest and will make the right decision even if hard like cutting hart and firing Ross during the holidays.

    We finally can look forward to a brught future besides the #2 pick and a new Head Coach.