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    JPP contract is probably the worst contract in the NFL. This guy never deserved that money.


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      I feel like Chubb should be our draft pick. We need to fix the pass rush. That is literally the most important thing to a successful team outside a QB.

      I don't like the QBs, they all have major issues. And drafting a RB top 5 is fkn stupid for anyone with a football IQ.


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        Originally posted by Gee718 View Post

        Spags knows the value of fresh legs, but the problem is, when you're always playing from behind, u can't take your stars off the field....and we are ALWAYS playing from behind..Then they get to sit on the sidelines for a 3 and out series, then back on the field for half a quarter...

        It's crazy that our defense has actually stayed on the field for about half a quarter on ONE possession. Get scored on, then they are back on the field 1 minute later due to a bonehead play.

        Agree 100%. That's what happens to even good D's when the O cant sustain any drives.


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          Originally posted by AGiantDynasty View Post
          JPP contract was stupid. I hated it then and I hate it now.
          absolutely, Reese really crapped his pants with the JPP deal...


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            Originally posted by Kingb50 View Post
            2 Questions.. If Gettlman is able to improve the LB core, do you think a healthy JPP an OV combination will finally display there full potential??

            Who would you rather keep.. JPP /OV?
            If we improve our lb corp that would help out our defense as a whole, but i dont think it would directly help our JPP and OV.

            Id rather keep OV, pretty sure hes younger and has all of his fingers, LOL. At this point JPP has been underwhelming and is a huge cap hit, i wouldnt mind trading him for a 2nd round pick and drafting Bradley Chubb in the 1st or Clelin Ferrrel in the 3rd, maybe even Duke Elijafor in the 4th.

            i like what Moss has done in limited time, and Wynn and Okwara are decent depth. Even Kennard looked ok coming off the line
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              Originally posted by JesseJames View Post

              absolutely, Reese really crapped his pants with the JPP deal...
              JPP was the JPP of Reese picks. He was compensated as such.
              Just remember Kevin Love makes more money then OBJ, and OBJ also dunks better.


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                Originally posted by BigBlueBoricua View Post
                We have to keep them, cap hit is huuuuuuuge
                Sadly saddled with 2 big deals on average players.
                It will resolve itself but not in 2018.
                No one remembers who came in second.