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Giants' Peter Giunta Expects Jayron Hosley To Take Next Step In 2013

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  • Giants' Peter Giunta Expects Jayron Hosley To Take Next Step In 2013

    Excerpt: "With many lingering concerns in the New York Giants secondary — namely injuries and age — second-year cornerback Jayron Hosley has flown under the radar this offseason. The focus has been on the development of Prince Amukamara, the return of Aaron Ross, the health of Terrell Thomas and what to expect of veteran Corey Webster. However, secondary coach Peter Giunta feels Hosley is ready to take that next step in his second NFL season.

    "[We're] looking to see if he can play multiple spots — can play the corner and the nickel spot well without making a lot mistakes," Giunta said. "[We want him] out there being productive, making plays for us."

    The big transition for Hosley will come when he's moved from the nickel spot to the outside. It's something Giunta plans to work with him extensively on throughout training camp.

    "Using the sideline to help him; knowing where he is," Giunta said of what Hosley will need to learn. "Being able to handle a guy on an every down basis instead of being nickel and playing a limited role." Read more...

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    IF Hosley can play the nickel, Rolle could play safety. That would be huge.

    Key word = IF


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      Well, If Hosley takes the next step doesn't that make him our #2 CB? They're talking about him using the sidelines and handling a guy on an every down basis. Sounds like a #2.
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        Rolle will be playing safety unless the CB position suffers several injuries


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          Hes undersized. If he put ten pounds on id feel more comfortable but he will get man handled by a lot of wideouts in nfl. Hes super scrappy and is a good zone cover man with a ton of range and that's why right now he is perfect for the nickel position. I wouldn't be mad if he stepped up and proved me wrong and stayed the same size I just don't see it happening.