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  • Lookn for NYG history

    Hi Does anyone know if there's a website where I can buy or download any of the NYG championship games(1927,34,38 & 56) also their superbowl games (1986,90,07 & 11)Cheers Mpv

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    I'm not sure about the pre-NFL stuff, but you can find the Super Bowls in several locations

    Physical copies:
    Super Bowls XXI, XXV and XLII:
    Super Bowl XLVI:

    Or you can download the games individually from iTunes:

    Failing that, several have been uploaded to YouTube.


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      Cheers for that just bought on iTunes, would love to find old games still..


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        Originally posted by MpvGpv View Post
        Cheers for that just bought on iTunes, would love to find old games still..
        For the old stuff, the best I can offer is things like The Greatest Game Ever Played (the 1958 championship against the Colts which the Giants lost in overtime), they made a big deal about for the anniversary of it, including colorized game film.

        Unfortunately back then they didn't hold on to game broadcasts (heck the real early stuff may not have even been on TV at all). Even a lot of the Jets 1968 run has been lost to time, as has the Heidi game, and those are both 10+ years later than the 56 championship. If the games were recorded at all, the tapes were often reused for later games. Nobody saw any value in holding on to them. I saw a documentary on MSG (Madison Square Garden network) and they reused tapes over and over, losing a lot of Knicks and Rangers history.

        There's also a DVD set of the Giants' 10 greatest games which was taken from the TV network's master archives and has the full playoff runs for XXI and XXV.

        There are also DVDs of the entire playoff runs for XLII and XLVI. Also available on iTunes here and here.
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