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After Sleeping on Barkley Pick I Hate it Even More

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  • Originally posted by G1.. View Post

    They did offer it to me but I didn't want it,I'd rather be here talking intelligent football with all the other posters!
    Well, ya!!
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


    • I havenít been on the boards for a while; however, nothing has changed. Thanks YA... Now I think Iíll go back and sleep on it...or maybe just hibernate till the season starts.


      • Originally posted by Burnin Bob View Post
        Before you guys go into deep depression, take a minute and ask yourselves what kind of effect a Great Back might have on the existing weapons that the Giants already possess. I know that for some it might be a stretch or even too much to hope for, but let's just assume that Barkley, the #2 player taken in the 2018 draft, the 2018 Big Ten Offensive and Special Teams Player of the Year might approach the production they got from their last Great Back, TIKI.

        It should be safe to assume that the O-Line play will improve (How Can It Not?) more help should be coming to the O-Line in rounds 2 or 3 so this year's edition might actually turn into a strength rather than an embarrassment/ glaring weakness.If so, Eli might actually find himself standing in a real pocket looking for one of his outstanding receivers to break loose.
        From what I've read, the Offense will be going back to Eli's preferred Play Action instead of taking every snap from the shotgun.and having a 233 lb back who breaks tackles and makes people miss but still runs like a deer,catches the ball like a real good wide receiver and blocks like a Lineman can't be a Bad Thing!

        Assuming that the kid is as advertised as good off the field as he is on the field how much better will things be for guys like OBJ, Engram and Sheppard ?

        And finally:How much better will the Defense be if the Offense all of a sudden starts moving the chains with long sustained drives and scoring some points?.

        Yeah, I really thought that they would be looking to trade down for more picks. But Hell No, I'm not the least bit disappointed with this pick.
        Nice post. Well said. But, yes I understand longer drives help the defense in the long run. However, there will be games where the offense underperforms or is up against a great defense. Right now, the Giants D scares no one and still has several huge holes and only 2 picks left. Well see.


        • Originally posted by Eazy E View Post
          Even if we just get Hernandez, we would have LT Solder , Hernandez, with the C Jones. How can that not be a huge upgrade over last year with a three headed monster (OBJ, Engram, Saquon and a real football coach who knows how to run an offense.
          You forgot Shepherd.


          • Originally posted by Roswell View Post

            And yet, 3 out of the 4 teams left standing last year did not have a effective franchise QB taking snaps in the playoffs.
            Exactly right. BUT, they had very good defenses. We donít.


            • Originally posted by DandyDon View Post

              With respect, you cant go from claiming he is on a rookie contract to saying it doesnt matter if he is the 4th highest paid RB. A rookie contract is supposed to be cheap. He is not cheap for any RB.
              With respect. I can and did. You get what you pay for. His rookie contract is FAR less than what he's going to command after............provided he stays healthy.
              I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


              • Originally posted by mercurio View Post

                You just named the thing both our last 2 SB wins had in common, a great running game, courtesy of AB and BJ.
                Also had an excellent defense that pressured Brady. Thatís how they won. They are no where near a good defense at this point.


                • Originally posted by SoJucobast View Post

                  Exactly right. BUT, they had very good defenses. We donít.
                  Which is why I wanted them to trade back to 4 or 5 if possible. But Iím ok with their draft. They got the consensus best player, a terrific guard, D help up front and a sleeper QB.

                  I think they they have a chance to move past Dallas and Washington and gave Philly all they can handle last year with a skeleton crew.

                  They have to resolve RT, kicker needs to be more consistent, lock up OBJ and Collins long term and actually would like to see DRC come back on a team friendly deal and line up as FS.

                  Eli still has enough left for a good run or two.