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Is your Giants pride restored? Can you feel the positive vibes going into the 2018 season?

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    Originally posted by moosedrool View Post
    I'm really like the way DG believes to build a team. Old school. Reese new school should have been fired 2 years ago. Trending up.


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      Originally posted by Moecoastie77 View Post
      Im old school so I like the current philosophy. Just tired of thinking my Giants are soft.
      Hopefully Flowers will take that softness with him out the door..


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        Originally posted by gibril28wilson View Post
        i never lost my Giants pride so i didnt need it restored.

        but i do have hope that this team will be very much improved this year. I think the draft was very good. I would have liked a CB and another OL, but Gettleman made a living off UDFA OL and CB in Carolina. So hoping he has something up his sleeve for these UDFA today.

        i like how the team is coming together though. i think there's a lot of talent on this team. I think the addition of Bettcher is going to be HUGE for this defense. And i think DG did a great job rebuilding this OL. The offense actually seems like it could be really solid this year as well.

        Another WR would have also been nice. Shurmur ran a lotttt of 2 WR sets last year for the Vikings and he barely used the 3rd WR on the Vikings. Adam Theilen had 142 targets. Stefon Diggs had 95 targets. And then the 3rd most targets for WRs on the team was Laquon Treadwell with 35 targets. I think we'll be seeing a lot of 2 TE sets and maybe even a fullback on the roster and some old school i-formation. Odell and Shep will be the starting WRs and the WRs to get the most work. Engram obviously is also a huge weapon as well.

        and dont forget, Shurmur was the TEs coach for Rhett Ellison on the Vikings so he knows how to use him and what he's best at.
        I can understand and respect that. I havent had much pride over the last couple years and I tried to convince myself that I could like the league more or as much as a team. Some can be stronger than others I guess.