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Has the Giantsí secondary improved since last season?

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  • Has the Giantsí secondary improved since last season?

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants want to be better in 2018 than they were in 2017. That is true of every franchise, but it is especially so for the Giants, who suffered a disastrous and humiliating fall from grace after a 2016 season that saw them reach the play-offs.

    For no other position group was that fall more precipitous than for the secondary.

    Buoyed by the addition of Janoris Jenkins, a solid rookie campaign by Eli Apple, and a historic season from Landon Collins, the Giants fielded one of the most feared secondaries in the NFL. The combination of Jenkins, Apple, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Collins, and Andrew Adams proved to be the next-best thing to ďShut Down,Ē and allowed Steve Spagnuolo to field an aggressive defense.

    In 2017, injuries, friction with the coaching staff and fissures in the locker room brought the proud unit to its knees.

    But has the Giantsí secondary gotten better in 2018?

    2017 Starters - Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (slot/nickel)

    Backups - Ross Cockrell, Donte Deayon, Michael Hunter, Brandon Dixon

    2018 Starters - Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple, William Gay (nickel)

    Backups - Donte Deayon, Brandon Dixon, Riley Curtis, B.W. Webb, Jeremiah McKinnon, Teddy Williams, Tim Scott, Orion Stewart" Read more...
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    NO! DG turned a solid unit into a weakness. If anyone thinks this team won't miss DRC and C0ckrell, good luck with that. They better have one helluva pass rush or it's going to be ugly back there. This was an unnecessary infliction.


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      How can losing 2 of your three best players at corner improve your secondary? As of right now, it doesn't look good.


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        You cant fix a disaster in one off-season, and the cap only goes so far.

        DRC was taking up a good chunk of the cap, and did not play well last season at all. Everyone was (rightfully) screaming about the OL, and you aren't fixing the OL without having to spend some money. Cutting guys frees up money to sign guys at other positions, but again, there are several positions that need to be improved, not to mention having to build up quality depth at those positions.

        This is all common sense stuff, folks, and why no one should be pumping themselves up for some kind of crazy good season. This team would be lucky to go 8-8 at this point, because there is still too much work to be done on the roster
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          You canít say yes or no because they havenít played a game yet. Going into 2017 we had a top 10 defense and we saw what happened, no one knows. On paper they donít look as strong, again on paper we had a top 10 defense going into last year.

          As for DRC and Cockrell we were 3-13 with both of them itís not like Gettleman torn down a top 5 unit. DRC was asked to take a pay cut and refused, itís not like they just released him without trying to keep him. In a league that cb is vital why hasnít DRC contract demands been met by any team?


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            No, we still have Eli Apple. We will miss DRC and Cockell.


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              The short answer is no.


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                Is the answer purely personnel, or does communication, scheme, and being on board with all the changes play a bigger part?


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                  Collins coverage ability still scares me. Eli apple that's gonna be the big question mark. Is he the next flowers that the giants held on for too long? Then Jenkins. Can he return to his 2016 form? Apparently he was difficult when he was at the rams and that scared teams off.