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Giants just signed CB Chris Lewis-Harris....Can someone explain what's with all these Corners?

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    Originally posted by bigblue58 View Post
    I don’t quite understand what the problem is with bringing in all the D Backs...or any other position for that matter?
    Frankly.....I don’t even know what it means to ask “why”?
    It only took losing one guy from the Defensive backfield last year, to leave the position decimated on game day!
    Depth is crucial, and to build it, you need a lot of players to compete for the jobs.
    With all that competition, a player needs to really work to stand out...which of course is the whole point.

    The problem with bringing is this many DB's is the coaches will never get a chance to get a good look at all of them. How do you put this many DB's on the field at once? How can the coaches truly evaluate this many? It's frustrating, because this didn't have to a problem area. How hard did DG try to retain DRC? What in the hell was DG thinking when he let C0ckrell walk, shortly after letting DRC go?

    Why create an area of concern when this was already a solid unit when healthy? I like what DG has done with other positions, but he made a mess at DB. It's basically Jack-Rabbit and cross your fingers time.