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Cant tell you how bad of an idea the social media route is

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  • Cant tell you how bad of an idea the social media route is

    while any website is subject to "hackers"

    the amount of cyber std's in a social media website like facebook is out the door.... what a horrible decision

    Not to mention all the fair-weather fans blowing up the page during gamete with BS ...... or the haters DDOS'n the damn page '

    what a bad way to go out

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      guess since they hired new people to fix our team, they needed something to do with the people that were displaced so, gave them the message boards, this was their first decision out of the gate, kinda like when they ran the old giants, one bad decision after another!!!!!LOL !


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        Really?? this is awful news. This forum despite some instances actually had some knowledgable folks and actually cared about football and the team. Have you guys even seen some of the morons posting on facebook and twitter? I'll miss the good talks, *****ing and moaning and gameday threads.


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          Facebook is nearly useless for discussion. Also, Facebook uses artificial intelligence in a very creepy way and there are a lot of privacy issues. Twitter is a news site and Instagram is for pictures. No of these services compete with a message board so I have no idea why this board is getting shut down.

          Did a player read too many negative comments about himself and lobby to get this shut down? Just kidding. I remember a couple years ago an ex-player went on an anti-Coughlin rant on this board and that thread got shut down quicker than a blink of an eye.

          The internet is becoming over-regulated, it's losing its appeal for me. I remember how you used to be able to do and say what you wanted. I miss the good 'ole days.


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            the ESPN boards saw the liability issue and shutdown years ago
            many such sites have been doing so for the very same reason and shifting the responsibility to the individuals and the social media sites

            not to mention the big data opps of those sites
            Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. MTwain


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              Check out Rosey's boards and/or BBWC. Lots of members here have set up accounts on those two since yesterday.


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                No one is going to "join" the facebook conversations. I "liked" the Giants page on facebook years ago and never comment on it because its all a bunch of garbage on there. No dialog. No intell. Just ADD random thoughts of joy or anger or trolls or bots.

                I guess Ill check out Roseys forum.