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James Bettcher’s defense is building a “relentless mindset”

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  • James Bettcher’s defense is building a “relentless mindset”

    Excerpt: "With the second day of the New York Giants mandatory mini-camp, came the opportunity for the media to talk to the offensive and defensive coordinators.

    While much of the focus for the Giants has been fixing their broken offense, there has still been plenty of interest in the new defense being built by new defensive coordinator James Bettcher. Building and installing that defense, which involves not only a new playbook but a scheme change for many front seven players has been a process.

    That process has left Bettcher encouraged by the players buying in and putting in the work.

    He said, “Starting back in April, I think we sat in as coaches and defensively, you start to try to formulate what your vision is for how you want things to go. And I stood here, same place back then and talked about what we were hoping to accomplish during the offseason was to build a mindset in our defensive room. And that doesn’t happen unless players buy in, players believe. That doesn’t happen unless guys are willing to come and be here and be present when it’s voluntary.”

    For all that we have become enamored with the measurable side of football, the saying that football is 90 percent mental and just ten percent physical rings true. It doesn’t matter how physically impressive an athlete is if he has no clue where to be on a given play, doesn’t have the ability to grind in the classroom or practice field, or doesn’t have it in him to impose his will on the man across from him.

    When Bettcher talks about building a “mindset”, that is what he is talking about.

    “It’s building that, as I’ve said it before, that relentless mindset of how we’re going to work in the classroom, how we’re going to work outside the building, how we’re going to work in a walkthrough period at practice and how we’re going to take that over to team periods in practice. And I’ve loved that about our guys and I think we made some great progress to this point.”

    Bettcher knows that coaching matters, that it’s his job to put players in position to maximize their skills and make plays. He also knows that he needs players who can capitalize on the opportunities the scheme gives them and make plays when there are plays to be made. That, ultimately, it’s the players who win games on the field.

    “Well,” Bettcher said, “I think that’s the game, though. I think the game is our players win games in this league. And I love that about these guys, is they haven’t shied away from that. They want an opportunity to be one-on-one with someone. And you have to want that and you have to relish that opportunity.” Read more...
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    A far cry from Spags Bend Over but don't break philosophy
    Long Live the King


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      Being aggressive is great. But, leads to rewards and disappointment. All defense will give offense openings from Parcells to Belichick.


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        We haven't had an aggressive blitzing type D in forever in NY, I highly look forward to seeing what it looks like coming from the big Blue wrecking crew.