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Lawrence Taylor Called Greatest Defensive Player Ever In New Documentary

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  • Lawrence Taylor Called Greatest Defensive Player Ever In New Documentary

    Excerpt: "A new Showtime documentary on former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor comes out in a month, but in the meantime, the network will be releasing web clips every week in anticipation of the premiere.

    In the first episode, unveiled today, we hear plenty of former coaches and teammates -- including Bill Belichick and Harry Carson -- talk about how great a player Taylor was.

    Some even go as far as calling him the greatest of all time.

    For those interested, it's entertaining to hear Belichick talk about Bill Parcells re-arranging the defense to suit Taylor's strengths. The old video clips are still fun to watch, especially with some piped-in audio from back in the day (he has a message for former Jets quarterback Ken O'Brien after sacking him).

    From Day One, Belichick wanted Taylor to be a starter, a decision that turned out to be a career-maker for more than a few people in that coaching/locker room.

    For more, check out the link here.

    It's unclear exactly where the documentary goes next, but the next episode is entitled "Candy Store" and talks about "Taylor's playground" in New York back in the 1980's."

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    He was the greatest FOOTBALL player ever, not just defensive!!