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Wayne Weaver regrets firing Tom Coughlin

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  • Wayne Weaver regrets firing Tom Coughlin

    And every season, whatever the final record, there are still moments and times you remember that stand out in the memory bank.

    Absolutely. Look at the first eight years with (then-head coach) Tom Coughlin. It was our most successful time, but we didn’t do everything right and I learned a lot from him. I learned a lot from (then-Vice President of Football Operations) Michael Huyghue’s style of running the salary cap versus me being a little naïve about all of that coming in. It was not until the late 1990s that I realized we were getting to a point where we couldn’t keep spending like we were spending. By that time, honestly, it had caught up with us. You can’t hide from reality. A lot of people like to spin it, but the main thing is you have to learn from those things and we did.

    You can’t talk about your time with the Jaguars without talking about Tom Coughlin. He really defined the organization in the early years . . .

    If hindsight you could change, I’ll be honest with you: I probably would have never changed Coughlin. I would have tried to have Tom take a step back and just be the coach. I thought about it, but I didn’t think Tom would do it. I thought Tom’s pride would never allow him to take a step back and me take the general manager’s position and all power and say, ‘Go coach the football team.’ He did that in New York, but I thought it would hurt his pride too much.

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    Nostalgia is great

    Joe Torre makes Yankees Old Timer's Day Debut

    “It became uncomfortable on both sides with how to separate,” Torre said. “Unfortunately it wasn't pretty.”

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      Re: Nostalgia is great

      I didn't watch the Jags then, as I was not even watching the NFL then, but I read he did a good job there. Best expansion coach ever.


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        Re: Wayne Weaver regrets firing Tom Coughlin

        I could see that. The Jags was a pretty good team when Coughlin was there, but the Jags couldn't win the big playoff games. They have been a total mess since they fired him.
        Lets go, Giants!