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  • giants triv***

    1) Ron Dayne first 100 yard rushing game was against who?

    2)What 2 players played for giants and bears that appeared in superbowls for both teams?

    3)Halloween 1999 who scored game winning td vs eagles?

    4)In 2005 Antonio Pierce scored a td.against what team?

    5)Ike Hilliard scored his first td against what team?

    6)In 2002 in weeks 2 and 3 this player had game winning interceptions,name the player?

    7)New York Giants leading wr in superbowl 42?

    8)How many yards was the David Tyree play?

    9)The giants in their championship seasons went 14-2 13-3 and the teams they lost to.

    10)In the 2007 playoffs who lead giants in interceptions?

    11)Who score game winning td in 2004 final?

    12)What team did Derick Ward score his first ever td against?

    13)Derick Ward first 100 yard game was against what team?

    14) Danny (dj) Ware scored his first nfl td against what team?

    I'll post answers tomorrow

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    Re: giants triv***

    11) Tiki Barber on the Eli audible vs. the Cowboys


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      Re: giants triv***

      1. dallas
      2. duerson and ??
      3. strahan
      4. dallas
      5. dallas?
      6. will peterson
      7. toomer
      8. 37?
      9. dallas, seattle/ eagles, 49ers, bills/ dallas (2x), packers, vikings, skins, pats vikings were the only opponent we didn't beat that year. everyone else we beat once.
      10. R.W.
      11. tiki
      12. skins
      14. dallas

      i knew some, but not all.i am sure about 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,


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        Re: giants triv***

        i think the other bear was maynard. i was missed the "appeared" part so i was thinking of 85/86/90