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Dont take loss seriously Giant fans

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    Re: Dont take loss seriously Giant fans

    [quote user="HeNoBrees"]We saw shots of your defensive line and linebackers just smiling and laughing on the sideline down 20 somewhat points.* They are going to get paid no matter what , so while the mess of yall are crying angry and getting all in a tizzy and carrying on just know they were smiling about it.* Dont let it ruin your week fans.

    noone is crying my good man....

    its just one loss.....

    I and many of us on this board have been through so many ups and downs with this organization that nothing can phase us.....

    I know its exciting to finally have a good team....

    I remember after Allie Sherman destroyed the Giants and they werent good for almost 2 good it felt to be good again.....

    so this being a new feeling to you have the right to act like a pompous moron......its cool ...I understand....

    there is so much history involved in this franchise...including multiple Championships......multiple heart breaks.....and multiple just flat out horrible seasons.....

    so enjoy the first well rounded team you have ever had......

    these times can be few and far between......

    good day


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      Re: Dont take loss seriously Giant fans

      [quote user="FBomb"]

      [quote user="HeNoBrees"][quote user="FBomb"]Seriously...........MOST of the Saints fans (with class) have moved on now.*[/quote]

      You have missed the whole meaning of the thread becuase you are still upset over the loss. Its just a game ,son.

      As I said,* the Saints fans WITH class.*

      is that really called far... I am a saints /nfl fan and that comment was with out class. I have friends who are giant fans / cowboy(ewwie) fans ans Redskinfans...good friends, we all talk smak but NO person in new orleans/ South louisiana/Mississippi gulf coast want to live in a FEMA trailor. Sorry to post spam but that comment really hurts if you have went through the torment of a hurricane. please keep it with some taste!

      Die in a FEMA trailer fire.